Delivering Multiple Photo Speed Enforcement and Detection Capabilities


Introducing LidarCam II

Phodar SE 1.2

Who we are

Applied Concepts, Inc. / Stalker Radar is one of the pioneers of modern police radar. Since 1989, with the introduction of the first Stalker ATR hand-held radar, our team of Engineers have continued to innovate and now hold numerous industry patents.

Our expertise extends to sport radar where we are the leader in measuring velocity and spin rate of baseballs for Pro scouts and coaches at all levels worldwide.

Finally, our traffic/speed enforcement product line combines 3D mapping radar with a high-resolution camera for impressive performance in multiple detection and enforcement activities.

Who we serve

Based in the United States in Richardson, Texas, Applied Concepts, Inc. / Stalker Radar is trusted by more US State Police than all other radar brands combined. Our law enforcement solutions include police radar and lidar, in-car and body-worn video products (CopTrax), and speed/message trailers, preferred by police agencies and municipalities nationwide.

Internationally, our reach and expertise allow us to serve small and large municipalities worldwide with our entire line of photo and speed enforcement applications for safer roads and ticketing.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to design, engineer, and manufacture the worlds most innovative products that save lives.

SE-1.2 Photo Radar

3D Mapping Radar
Greater than 95% OCR Rate ANPR
Low-Noise, High Dynamic Range Camera
Single Platform Fixed/Portable Deployment

Stalker LidarCam II

ALPR  |  4G/5G  |  Wireless  |  35x Zoom

256-bit Encryption  |  8-MP camera sensor
High Dynamic Range enhancement

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