LidarCam 2 | The Accuracy of Lidar Meets The Indisputable Evidence of Photo and Video

ALPR/ANPR | 4G-LTE | Short Range Wireless | 256-bit Encryption | 8MP Camera

LidarCam2-GUI view

The Stalker LidarCam 2 is packed with exclusive features including an industry-leading 8-megapixel camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for enhanced low-light capabilities. This cutting-edge police lidar camera captures both video and still images, stores them on up to 1 TB of internal storage, and utilizes the latest USB-C, Wi-Fi, and cellular communications capability for lightning-fast data transfer.

The LidarCam 2 is the only handheld device that combines Lidar, cameras, and built-in ALPR/ANPR, allowing up to 3 lanes of simultaneous coverage. Customize yours by adding a HUD, a shoulder stock, a tripod mount with the optional Stalker Portable Power Station for up to 7 days of continuous operation, or mount it in your vehicle so you have the most advanced traffic enforcement technology while on-the-go.


Industry-leading 8-MP camera sensor

Camera sensor with HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Built-in ALPR (ANPR)

4.3″ (10.9cm) touchscreen. 

Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Connectivity

Internal Storage – up to 1TB

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Each evidence package will contain multiple 8MP images and two to ten seconds of HD video.

Auto adjusting day/night mode with automatic brightness control.

USB-C communication with printers, Ethernet, and 4G-LTE cellular networks.

Native fully-remote wireless operation in real time on ANY platform- phone, tablet, or desktop – with no proprietary apps needed.

Supports In-Vehicle Wireless Printing.

Export captured data to the included Evidence Manager software (Windows-based) for viewing evidence back at the precinct, courthouse, etc.

Encryption AES-256

Your choice of two battery options:

  • Two-cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack for up to 5 hours of operation.
  • Four-cell Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack for up to 10 hours of operation.

Rapid charging – Go from 5% battery remaining to 90% charge in just one hour with the 4-cell battery option

Convenient in-vehicle charging.

Available in 2 Models

HUD model

No HUD-LidarCam-2

NON-HUD model

LidarCam 2 Available Accessories:

Hardware: Shoulder stock, tripod mount, Stalker Portable Power Station (for up to 7 days of continuous operation), 2x HUD adapter, industrial-grade carrying case.

Software: ANPR/ALPR, Wanted plates, even/odd plates.

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