Delivering Multiple Photo Speed Enforcement and Detection Capabilities


Introducing the SE-1.2 Photo Radar

Coming Soon. New pole mounted enclosure for SE-1.2

Stalker Radar has distilled its photo speed enforcement and detection expertise into its Intelligent Technologies products. Choose automated photo/video traffic violation enforcement with Stalker SE 1.2 Phodar, and laser still or video violation evidence with Stalker LidarCam. Stalker Radar precision is now available to engineers worldwide to address a wide range of speed measurement applications.

SE-1.2 Photo Radar

3D Mapping Radar
Greater than 95% OCR Rate ANPR
Low-Noise, High Dynamic Range Camera
Single Platform Fixed/Portable Deployment

Stalker LidarCam

Laser Accurate. Photo Positive Speed Enforcement.

High-resolution digital camera
Industry-leading Stalker X-Series LIDAR

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