The Phodar SE-1.2 - Delivering Multiple Photo Speed Enforcement and Detection Capabilities
3D Mapping Radar

The 3D mapping radar is at the heart of the SE-1.2, delivering vehicle detection and classification with industry-leading multi-target speed enforcement.

32 Targets Simultaneously Across 6 Lanes

Tracking both speed and range allows the SE-1.2 to track individual vehicles bidirectionally in multilane highway or secondary road environments. Competitor radar sensors can only separate vehicles by one of these parameters.

Sensing technology is unaffected by smog, sun, wind, or sand.

Provides location coordinates, velocity vector, range, and azimuth, simultaneously for all vehicles.

Built-in fail-safe features: self-calibration, misalignment reporting, and interference suppression.

Capturing Multiple Detection and Enforcement Activities

Speed Enforcement

Making roadways safer through speed enforcement.


Red Light Enforcement

Using red light enforcement in dangerous intersections.

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Number Plate Recognition

Using ANPR for even/odd, blacklist, and pollution reduction.


Wrong Direction

Reducing fatalities through wrong direction detection and alerts.


Bus Lane Enforcement

Enforcing bus lane usage for better traffic management.


Lane Change

Civil enforcement and detection of illegal lane change.

High-Resolution 12 MP Camera

The SE-1.2 is built on Sony’s latest Pregius global shutter CMOS technology for crisp, distortion-free images of fast moving traffic.

Combining the beneficial aspects of both CCD and CMOS sensors results in a pixel design with impressive performance.

Flexible Mounting Options

The SE-1.2’s single-unit design is suitable for both mobile and fixed deployment.

Mounting options range from the simplicity of a tripod, to highway overpass, utility pole, lighting standard, or bullet-resistant enclosures.

Greater than 95% OCR Rate ANPR

Integrated automatic number plate recognition function.
Capable of both Black List violation and Even/Odd violation types.
Up to 6 lanes of coverage with OCR accuracy rates exceeding 95%.

Future-Proof Platform

The SE-1.2 is designed with the future in mind.

Built on a non-proprietary Linux operating system, its quad-core processor has the capabilities available for future enhancements.

Internal expansion slots and ports are built-in for future add-on capabilities while USB 3 support leaves the way open for evolving camera technologies.

Phodar SE-1.2 brochure

Phodar SE-1.2 Specifications

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